Top 150 Amazing heart touching sad status in english

If you are a love failure and looking for sad status in English to express your self and your feeling this post is for you 

Love is a complicated feeling and all of us have fallen in love at some point of time in our life in any relationship in the beginning it is like living dream 

We break all our boundaries all our emotions are at their peak but not everyone is lucky enough to be with the same person life time 

Sometimes things get complicated and we have to breakup it is also the part of life and we just need to move on 

there are so many feelings deep inside you every one express it in different way this are some sad status in english we can help you express your feelings 

sad status in english

sad status in english

I wonder how the broken pieces of my heart still want you

it’s ok it broke my heart, but it also opened my eyes

I still have hope for you because my heart still beats for you

Love is Nothing when the trust is broken

my heart can’t believe that she left 

I thought you would make my life beautiful, but you ruined it

you had broken something which was your’s my heart

some times sad songs and your memories make me cry

I moved on but my heart it can’t

some times I think of messaging you, but then I think you were not what I thought 

my heart is foolish it still loves you

I wonder we can’t buy love, but we have to pay hard for it

Be with someone who knows all your good and bad but still want you

Never every cry for a person who doesn’t value your tears

love is not what you say it is how much you can prove it

After my first breakup, I tried never to love again

I reached my limit, believe me, I cried for you

I stopped describing my feeling to her when I came to know that it has no value

In the end, I realized I broke my heart for someone who doesn’t care

the person who overthinks is the person who over loves you

Tears are the hardest words that mouth can’t speak

The hardest thing still having feelings for the person you can’t be with

Someone asked what changes people I replied a broken heart

The worst feeling is when you want her the most, and she ignores you

Love can be healing for any wound, but there is no medication for a wound given by love.

Falling in love and then heartbreak is like taking off your heart when you’re alive .

Even though you gave me a thousand wounds, I still love you

I wonder do you think of me as much as I think of you

I wonder that we can’t buy love, but we have to pay hard for it 

I hate it when my mind says to stop loving someone, but my heart can’t resist

It is strange when someone you know changes to someone you knew

At the end, we are stranger with so many memories

sometimes they pretend that they care for you

It is complicated to find someone who is afraid of losing you

 the worst feeling is when you have to give up on a person because you don’t have any other option

and at the end what I learned is to be strong alone

All of a sudden we are stranger but I still miss what we were 

I wonder how a person can be most important and a stranger in life 

I don’t fall in love because I connect deeply not temporarily 

No one knows how much I cried that day you left 

My heart broke the day I saw you with some 

I was in love with her, but she was in love with some else 

I was prepared for the heartbreak, but still, it hurt the most

It is right this way a little lonely but better 

If you don’t want me don’t play with my feelings

I have broken my heart by loving you

Nothing hurt more than watching her loving other 

I thought she would heal me, but she ends up breaking me 

You made me feel worthless, and you have no idea about it 

Not seeing you daily is ok but not having you in my life is worse

lonely status in english

sad status in englsih

sad status in english

sometimes you need to be alone and let your tears flow because you can’t be strong all times

Being alone is better than being with the people who don’t value you

I gave love to everyone but Know one gave it back to me

I want to disappear for some time and see who care for me

Temporary people always live permanent pain in life

the days you feel like you are avoided never look back again

If your absence does not matter them then your presence is No means

Once if you understand life, you will be happy being alone

Most of the people are not in relation because it hurts so much when someone leaves you

It is better to be lonely than to be unhappy with someone

Sometimes you need a break from the thing and enjoy our own company

When you are alone observe life is teaching something

the best time to grow in life is when you are alone

Learn to be happy alone because, in the end, everyone will leave you

sad status in english for life

sad status in english

sad status in english

the worst thing when you are sad, and you see around and realize that there is no shoulder for you

yes I’m sad upset, but I smile that’s my life

I talk to myself because it is hard to find people who understand you

stop thinking about everything because the more you think, the more it hurts

you have to train your mind every time to be strong or else you will lose yourself

sometimes my own thoughts and feelings are enough to destroy me 

the saddest people try hardest to a make other people happy

the hardest thing in life when you are smiling to stop tears

some times feelings of my heart flow out through my eyes

some time life is so hard that I feel like quitting

sad status in english for boy

Boys are sad, upset, depressed, broken, hurt, but guess what they hide it very well

Boy’s get matured by damage, not with the years

the saddest part of boys life is that he has to sacrifice many things in life

Never try to play with boys feeling because you never know how they will survive after

Boys life be like let it hurt, let it is broke, and let is go

I tried really hard, but it was not enough to make you stay

In every boy’s life, there is a girl whom he never forgets 

I think people don’t change they just show who they are

Upset status in english

the biggest problem I still care for you

those who fly solo have the strongest wings

Some times silence says a lot more than we think

Silence is full of answers we just need to listen to it 

Some times I wonder am I a mystery to myself

Let it all go see what stays

People move the reason they left remain

Keep in mind that nothing stays the same even people change 

My smile was real. I really miss those days 

Love can’t be a reason to tolerate insult

I hate that I’m still hoping that you will comeback

The best pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.

The hardest thing would be to harm yourself for the sake of the others’ happiness

The painful memory is As soon as I walked off and you let me go.

Some people hurt you and pretend as if you hurt them 

Wondering I lose people, or people lose me 

You will never know me because you never loved me 

Try to make everyone smile but never forget you belongs to everyone 

Self-love is not selfish it is important

the most important things in life are hard to speak 

Connect deeply or not at all

loneliness is better than a fake company

One of the most difficult things in life is seeing the person you love, love somebody else.

One Of The Hardest Things To Do.Is To Delete Old Messages Which After Meant A Lot For You

Pretending to be pleased once you’re in pain is a good example of how strong you are as an individual.

Remember, you’re beautiful. But keep in mind that not everyone’s will be able to see that.

Some times I’m just trying to get through the day without falling apart.

the hardest words are always spoken by eyes full of water

Sometimes there’s so much we feel, but so little we could say.

Occasionally you have to run away just to find out who will accompany you.

The most peculiar individuals are the people who’ have been hurt the most.

the biggest problem I still care for you

It Only Makes Me Understand How Weird Life Can Be The Specific Same 

The moment I Meant Nothing To You Meant Everything To Me

It hurts that you are doing totally okay, minus me.

It is so difficult to forget somebody who gave you a lot to recall

It is essential to get individuals in your life that move out of the way to make you feel better if you are sad or depressed.

The most difficult thing is to lose one you love.

Maybe I should just quit getting close to people because either they leave or i lose them 

However, much you’ve hurt me, I pray for you each evening.

Nothing hurts more than knowing that he meant everything to you and you meant nothing to him

Oh, I am sorry, I forgot that I exist if you need something out of me.

Do not try to please other people if, in the long run, you know it won’t work

I behave like I don’t care, but deep inside, it hurts.

I can always pretend I am fine, but it does not mean that I don’t get hurt

It feels just like other parts of the body is broken too

I feel crappy inside like something broke

I hate to hear people say that they understand how I feel because if they knew, they’d shut up

I must cut because it’s the only way I can smile.

I remember all those crazy things you mentioned, and you left them running through my head.

I tried to overlook, but the harder I tried, the more I thought about you

I remember those crazy things you mentioned, and you left them running through my head. You are always there, and you’re everywhere. But now I wish you’re here.

I tried to move on, however, the harder I tried, the more I thought about you

I had been your cure, and you were my disease. I was saving you, and you killed me.

I won’t ever stop caring, but in case you decide to push me off, then I will go..

It hurts the most when somebody who made you feel unique yesterday afterwards makes you feel as if you are the most unwanted man now.

It Hurts To Love Someone and Not to Be Loved In Return.

It’s sad once the individual who gave one of the very best memories turned into a memory.

and just like that, I lost you

It is crazy how we never value moments until they are gone

My last relationship thought me that never beg for love 

I care about you more than anyone in life


So this were the best heart toughing sad status in english  

if hope you like it if any of this status touches your heart let me know in the comments section

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