How to look handsome and attractive 10 simple tips

Personal grooming is important for men to look more handsome and attractive, Regular skincare, hair care, and deep cleansing sessions are a few things one should be mindful about.

there might be so many articles on how to look handsome and attractive.

But they might not be covering the problems faced like acne,oily skin,hair fall,dry hairs,etc by the common man or the average young guy

But not to worry at all will be fixing it by following the 10 simple men’s grooming tip to look handsome

Remember this article does not involve any expensive products or fancy items that you need to add in your routine to look handsome, we will be going through the simple yet basic tips to look more handsome

Everyone wants to look handsome and attractive but the problem is that we don’t how …??

So we start following others and try to imitate or copy others, this is where we end up going out of the style

So what to do now …??

Instead of copying others try to figure out things which suit your personality

So without wasting any time let’s get started figuring out things for you in order to look handsome and attractive

how to be handsome and attractive

haircut and hair care
Beard and facial hairs
perfect Outfit
oral health care
Exercise & Diet
confidence and smile

how to be handsome and attractive

  • haircut and hair care
  • Skincare
  • Beard and facial hairs
  • Outfit
  • oral health care
  • Exercise & Diet
  • cleanliness
  • confidence and smile
  • discipline

TIP-1: Haircare and hair cut

haircut and hair care are important factors when it comes to looking handsome and dashing

Getting a proper haircut is very important to look handsome because your hair enhances the overall look of your face.

To figure out the best haircut for men there is generally a golden rule which is the face shape,

identify the face shape of your own, and ones you figured out your face shape your good to go

Now it time for you to check which type of haircut goes well with your face shape and try it out and if it look good booom…. you have figured out the best hair cut for yourself.

Now you are done with your best hair cut now it time to keep your hair healthy and shine,

How to look handsome and attractive 10 simple tips

so to maintain your hairs healthy and shine it is important to have a good quality shampoo & conditioner which is free from harmful chemicals

while applying shampoo remember Shampooing too much or too little can both be the culprit for unhealthy hair, First and foremost

Using it every day will dry out the scalp by washing out the natural oils, resulting in flaky skin and wilted hair.

Not using it enough, however, will result in grime build-up that can cause hair to fall in the long run.

shampoo should not be used every single day, but once every two days, or 3 times in a week, it is important

Conditioner is to the hair what moisturizer is to the skin.

It helps to revive the hair after a shampoo does the rough job of cleaning and hence, is a part that should not be skipped.

This prevents the hair and scalp from drying up and keeps it healthy and moisturized,

TIP-2 Skincare

skincare is also the crucial factors when it comes to looking handsome

skincare routine must be followed by every individual in order to make skin glowing and healthy

If you skip this proper skincare routine then you will end up having dry skin, pimples, acne, etc
In addition to this, it might bring down the self-esteem of an individual

so few simple steps can enhance your skin and bring your bright and healthy skin which make you look more handsome

Make sure to include Nutritious food to your diet

use a good quality face wash which is mild and which has no chemicals

how to look handsome skin care

The sun’s rays can do plenty of damage to your skin Remember whenever you’re spending 30 minutes or longer outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen.

Avoid too much use of hot water on your skin and hair as it can damage your skin and hairs

It removes natural oils of your skin, instead switches to a shorter, lukewarm water

Do wash your face 2 twice a day excessive washing can also make your skin dry

Remember to wash your face before going to bed as it removes the impurities present on the skin

How to look handsome and attractive 10 simple tips

make sure to drink a good amount of water to keep your body hydrated

TIP-3 Beard and facial hairs

Having a good beard can enhance the look of every man and make him look handsome and attractive

So to maintain the good beard it is important to wash your beard with a good beard wash and apply and beard oil for moisturization and beard growth

how to look handsome beard and facial hairs

make sure the product you use to wash your beard is organic and chemical-free as it make end up causing irritation

Try to maintain your beard in a well-defined manner so it looks good and clean

If you are getting patchy beard or facial hairs try to clean shave it

How to look handsome and attractive 10 simple tips

Till you get a full beard because a clean shave is more attractive and preferred when compared to a facial hair

TIP-4 Outfit

When it comes to dressing is to remember the golden rule is that all ways go for clothes which gives you a perfect fitting clothes

how to look handsome outfits for men

Remember the clothing should not be too tight and to lose it should fit perfectly to your body

you just don’t have to spend money on some expensive suits or clothes

simple clothes to look handsome

just keeps it simple try out a simple t-shirt or shirt which fit perfect to you and that’s it you are good to go

if you are more Conscious of your dressing scene try layering your outfit with a leather, or a bomber jacket and make sure that it fits well and it is not too baggy

if you are confused about the color remember the simple trick

which you can follow while purchasing clothes of trying a outfit is that always go with a light color at the top and dark at the bottom or vice-versa

if you think you a pull out any sort of outfit then definitely go with it

But if you are slightly under-confident go with the light and dark or dark and light pattern

if you are too skinny then layering the outfit must be important for you to look handsome and dashing

layering clothes to look handsome

remember if you are too skinny then don’t go for the tight outfits as it might ruin your look

Till the time you develop a sort of confident with the colors, try to stick with the basic colors like black, white, navy blue, maroon

Ones you feel confident, you can pull out any outfit you like and play with colors

TIP-5 Oral health care

Oral health care plays an important role, because how handsome you are but if your mouth smells bad or if your teeth are yellow you may end up leaving a bad impression on the other person

But not to worry we can fix it very easily

How to look handsome and attractive 10 simple tips

The first and the foremost important thing to do is to brush your teeth regularly 2 twice a day morning and before going to bed

How to look handsome and attractive 10 simple tips

Now after brushing your teeth try to clean your tongue gently with a tongue cleaner because there might be white impurities settled on the tongue which causes the bad odor from your mouth

Another good practice is to do oil pulling because it removes all the impurities from your body

if you follow this simple ancient technique you can get rid of almost all the oral health problems

Oil pulling is like detoxing your body in the morning its benefits are :

  • whiten the teeth
  • detox your body
  • avoid bad odor
  • make your skin glowing

TIP-6 Exercise & Diet

exercise has so many incredible benefits on your health and indirectly on your looks

If you are a skinny guy or an overweight guy then exercise can help you to maintain yourself healthy and handsome


working out regularly can bring your body in proper shape and your muscle can get the right definition

if your body is in good shape then you can rock with any outfit,

If you do workout regularly it opens up the pores which pull out all the toxins from the body in the form of sweat and this is yet another way of detoxing the body

There are lots of benefits of exercise

  • increase the blood circulation
  • reduce the stress
  • make your body fit and active
  • help in weight loss
  • improves mental and physical health
  • glowing skin is another benefit of exercise

so that where the benefits of exercise, but exercise is not the whole thing one must focus on the diet also as it is very important to make you healthy and fit

one must daily take a diet enriched with protein, carbs, fats


Because if you are working out but your diet is improper then you won’t be able put on the muscle

So exercise and diet is a very important aspect every individual must follow it in order to be healthy and fit, the more healthy and fit you are the more handsome you look

TIP-7 Cleanliness

Looking handsome is not just about your looks or genetics it is all about how clean and neat you maintain your self ,

some simple tips like cleaning your nails and filing them show that you are Conscious of your looks

Twin eyebrows are another factor which might affect your looks, so simply removing the twin eyebrows with the eyebrow plucker gently, this gives a clean look to your face

TIP-8 Perfume

How handsome and attractive you look but if you don’t smell good then this leaves a bad impression on people you meet

So in order to avoid and fight against this bad odor, it is necessary that you opt for a good and mild perfume

perfume is a very personal thing just because you like the smell straight out of the bottle.

perfume to look handsome

choosing a good perfume is necessary, because it kills the bad odor and put out the fresh fragrance, and increase your confident

Remember the perfume which you will be using should not be too strong or to light, you should always go with a mild perfume

Have a set of two different perfume one which you can use for the daily purpose and another for the parties or for special occasions

TIP-9 Confidence and smile

Above all the things confident is more important so make sure to hold a good confidant and a good smile on your face

Because smile is the best thing to put on the face and it gives positive impact on the other person

confidence and smile to look handsome

TIP-10 Discipline to follow all tips

This is a very important tip because if you follow all the tips it shows how discipline you are towards self

Because whatever you want in your life discipline towards your goal is very important

So it is important to slowly develop this habit of discipline .

How to get handsome face naturally

how to get a handsome face naturally

Getting a handsome face naturally can be challenging for many people because they don’t know from were to star and what are the step involved in getting a handsome face

So here are the few simple steps which you can follow to get a handsome face naturally

steps to get a handsome face naturally

  • Clean your eyes
  • Drink good amount of water
  • Exercise
  • Avoid pimple, acne, dry skin, and dark spots
  • A perfect jawline
  • Avoid dark circles, puffy eyes

Clean your eyes

red eye

Our eyes may become yellow or red in color due to lack of sleep and night outs and this can affect on our looks

Eyes the attractive part of men the more clean and white the eyes are the more handsome you look

but if your eyes are red or yellow then this can ruin your entire look

So to avoid this problem clean your eyes here quick remedy that you can follow to clean your eyes

Take 2 slice of a cucumber and apply it on your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes

This gives you a feeling of relaxation to the eye muscle and clean your eyes and make it bright and white

Drink a good amount of water

Drinking good amount of water can flush out the dirt present in the body making the body clean and fresh

Remember Don’t have to much amount of sodium because it holds the water in the body and making your face puffy



Exercise is very helpful to get handsome face because when we workout our body opens up the pore and releases all the sweat and dirt present in our body making

this as a result give us a clean and glowing face

We know that with the help of exercise we can reduce our weight and fat from our body

In the same way, we can also reduce the extra fat present on our face that make us look chubby and puffy

Avoid pimple acne and dark spots

pimple and acne

The most common problem faced by every individual is pimple and acne and oily skin

Oily skin, pimples, acne, can make us frustrating because it affects the overall look of our face

To fix this problem follow a skincare routine based upon your skin problem get a good quality organic face wash which can help you to prevent skin problems

If you have the problem of dry skin the every time after washing your face apply moisturizer on your face

this will prevent your skin from getting dry and rough and give you a smooth and moisturized skin

Oily skin can be irritating to fix it take Multani mitti powder and mix it with the rose water and apply it on your face this extract the oil present on your face and gives you a clean and healthy skin

if you are facing the problem of dark spots or suntans the use a natural scrub

Also, follow some healthy diet which can improve your skin condition add more green vegetables in your diet and avoid oily food

Dark circles and puffy eyes

dark circles

Dark circles and puffy eyes can be most embarrassing for anyone who wants to look good

Because it ruins the entire look of your face no matter how handsome you look or how good your outfit might be

The best and the simple ways to fix problem is to get a good amount of sleep



A perfect jawline can boost the looks of your face X10 times

But how to get a perfect jawline that almost everyone like it

To get a perfect jawline you can perform so many exercises relates to the jawline

The very simple and the natural process is chewing gum it can give you a perfect jawline by just chewing it

Chewing gum can be a very good exercise to get perfect chiseled jawline

How to look handsome without beard

how to look handsome without beard

if you are an individual who has a patchy beard or thin beard and wants to look handsome without beard then this article is for you

Beard growth is totally depended on the genetics of your father so not to worry anything about

But if you have thin or a patchy beard then this can affect your looks

Patchy or thin beard makes us look like a child molester and it is horrible

So the best way to look handsome without beard is to clean shave so that you don’t look like a child molester

Men who shave looks younger handsome and attractive compare to the men with beard

Clean shave shows that your more conscious about your grooming aspect and to maintain your self-clean and fresh

Men with the values are important compare to men with beard

SO here are some tips that you can follow to look handsome without beard

  • Hold confidence
  • Have a good haircut
  • maintain yourself clean
  • Avoid acne pimple and dark spots on face
  • pull out some good outfits
  • Clean shave

how to look handsome boy in school

Looking handsome in school can be a bit difficult because a school has some rules and regulation to follow

But not to worry we will be following some simple steps to look handsome in school

If you are a school going individual then you will be in your teenage and this is the time when your skin is more prone to pimple, acne and oily skin

In order to prevent yourself from pimples, acne, use a good quality face wash which is organic

Use a mild perfume because when we sweat our body releases bad odor so in order to control that use a mild perfume

When you are in your teenage you will be getting some facial hairs on your face which make you look like a child molester so to avoid that clear your facial hairs

few tips you can follow:

  • use a organic face wash
  • clean your facial hairs
  • use a mild perfume
  • Get a good haircut
  • Take proper care of your oral health like teeth and odor
  • Maintain yourself clean and neat

How to look handsome in party

  • choose a slim-fit shirt that fits perfect to you
  • add some matching accessories remember your accessories should complement your outfit
  • Follow the light-dark rule dark color shirt and light color pant or light color shirt and dark pant
  • Shoes should match with the color of your pant or t-shirt, shirt
  • A good quality perfume
  • Some hair products such as wax to add a little volume to your hairs
  • Maintain your self clean and neat, hold some confidence smile and you are good to rock the party


Now I’ve come to the end of the article here..

So this were the simple tips to look handsome.

We hope this article helped you to improve yourself.

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