how to be happy-19 Amazing facts that will blow your mind

 how to be happy life is beautiful

How to be happy, happiness is a very basic need for every human being unlike all other needs

happines is a feeling of pleasure that comes from within, it is the most important thing which everyone want in life.

But the problem in today’s life is that, we are so busy that we don’t even have time to sit for a minute and think.



If you are happy about what you are doing then you are on the right track.

But if you are not then there might be some problem, that you need to fix it.

In today’s world, we think happiness is all about money, name, fame.

Our thought process is conditioned in such a way that we think f I get a million dollars , a car, or a dream job, luxury house, then we will be happy

yes money is also important thing in our life to satisfy our basic needs

life is not about waiting for the storm to pass it's about learning how to dance in the rain how to be happy

But think for a while does the ultimate goal of life is to earn money, or to enjoy this journey of life with happiness and joy

We are so busy in earning money that our desire to earn more and more is neverending process

But once if we get this realization that money is not everything then that will be the turning point of our life

We are so lost in the list of our desires that even we want a reason to put on the smile on our face

But no worry at all we will be fixing the with a few simple steps.

If this sounds interesting let us jump into the list

Simple tips on how to be happy

TIP-1 Fear

Fear is some thing everyone has in our mind, what ever we might be doing, we will be having a little amount of fear in our mind.

what might I be doing if this happens or what if that happens our own thoughts can sometimes ruin our life and steals our happiness


In today’s world, we are surrounded more by our inner fear than that of the outside world, this might be the fear of failure

So how can we fix it …???


The solution is simple to take a break form your busy schedule

Relax your self

just sit for a while and question yourself that

from where does this fear come from….???

Do I created it with my own thoughts or some one else have thrown in my mind…????

Once if you are clear about this now the next step is to question yourself

Does this fear is real or that is created by your own thoughts….???

If it is created by your own thoughts, then question.

Do our thoughts are real or fake..??

In the same way start questioning yourself slowly,and try to get the answer for it

By the simple process of questioning yourself, you can solve the biggest problems of your life

It is the trick that our mind plays when ever we try to move from our comfort zone


It floods our minds with different thoughts, fear, doubts, and questions.

this is were we get nerves and end up losing focus on the goal

But ones if your inner world is well settled with all the answers this is were your fear turns into confidence.

we can question each and every thought rising in our mind and try to get the answer for it

this simple questioning process can do great things in your life

TIP-2 Response

How you respond to the situations in your life have a huge impact on your life

every situation in your life has two outcomes ,

it totally depends upon us how to respond the situation

life always have to option o sit back and to fight back how to be happy

If the out comes is good we are happy but what if the outcome is bad we end up getting sad, angry, & frustrated

Every worst situation or failure has a hidden opportunity to fight and grow or else continue to suffer.

Because happiness comes with growth

The choice is your weather to react positively or negatively.

Remember the event is not in your hand, but how we react is totally up to you.

TIP-3 Healthy lifestyle

your health is connected with your happiness

if your physically not healthy and active this can affect the inner peace and happiness of mind

healthy vegan food to be happy

So make sure to spend some time in exercise as this relax the muscles and improve the blood circulation and make you feel positive and motivated

without good health, you will not able to focus on your goal

Remember to follow a good and healthy diet, eat good and stay healthy

TIP-4 Exercise

There are numerous benefits of exercise which can improve many aspects of our life

exercise is like a magical drug which can help us to stay fit and active without getting affected by diseases and infections

if you are an individual who has lost of stress depression and anxiety in your life then exercise can help to overcome effectively

Doing regular exercise will reduce the stress depression and anxiety by naturally releasing the feel-good hormones like endorphins

exercise  to be happy

which reduce stress and enhance the mood and make us feel good

Studies found that Amygdala a part of the brain which is responsible for the stress depression and anxiety to be reduced with regular exercise

Hippocampus a part of the brain which is responsible for happiness peace found to be extra active

if you have trouble falling asleep during the night or have a problem like insomnia then exercise can help you to fix it up and can improve the quality of sleep

TIP-5 Self-investment

Spend money on your self as it is the best investment you can do to make your self happy.

By some new stuff for yourself like clothes, shoes, etc as because when you put on the new clothes this enhance the confidence as you look perfect

It is not that money gives you happiness it is the activities that you do by spending money make you Exited,

You deserve to be happy in the journey of life, so don’t hesitate to spend on your basic needs as these small acts make you feel joy full and relaxed

reading book to enjoy your own company and happiness

Develop the habit of reading books daily for 15-30 minutes this can bring a huge impact on your thought process,

The most important thing while reading the book is that don’t just read the book try to implement in your life I know you can’t implement all that habits in a single day 

So it is better to take a single habit and focused on that one single  habit for 30 day

Ones you develop the habit of reading and implementation then you will be unstoppable

TIP-6 Meditation

meditation the ancient tactic which helps to control our mind, body, should be practiced regularly, as this practice helps to explore the inner self.

meditating to develop a sense of peace ,calm and happiness

Like we train our body with the exercise in the same way with the help of meditation we are training our mind muscle

Meditation has some many benefits on the mental physical and emotional level

Meditation directly affect the brain studies have proved that meditation decreases the grey matter in the brain developed by stress and anxiety,

meditating regularly for 10-15 minutes can give you a sense of calmness and peace of mind

Benefits of meditation

  • improve focus
  • sharpen your memory
  • Allow you to live in the present moment
  • help achieve a sense of calmness and peace of mind
  • reduce stress depression and anxiety
  • improve the quality of your sleep
  • increase energy level


Sit comfortably for 5-10 minutes in a calm place

Now focus on your breath if possible or else try focusing on a random word which does not have a meaning or image in your mind like VAM HAM

Now try to focus on that word for 5-10 minutes

TIP-7 Maintain balance in life


Sit comfortably for 5-10 minutes in a calm place

Now focus on your breath if possible or else try focusing on a random word which does not have a meaning or image in your mind like VAM HAM

Now try to focus on that word for 5-10 minutes

TIP-7 Maintain balance in life

TIP-7 Maintain balance in life

Life can be very easy and full of happiness if we learn the art of balancing life

It is equally important that you maintain a well-balanced life, do not focus too much on one direction

human being has so many aspects in life and balancing all of them can he really hard so it is better we focus on some of the most important factors of life

In order to enjoy our life we have to balance the aspect of life

Body -Whatever task we do we need the involvement of our body to perform the different task and to be happy

but if we don’t keep our body healthy and active then I don’t think we can be happy in life

In order to be happy maintain your self healthy exercise regularly this make you fit and active and strengthen your body

Remember you can’t enjoy your life without a healthy body

Mind -we all know that happiness is the state of mind but what if our mind is filled with worries stress doubt depression and anxiety then you can’t be happy

As we train our body during exercise in the same way we have to train our mind with meditation in order to achieve calmness peace of mind

Meditation can be a powerful tool to overcome problems like stress depression and anxiety

Emotion – Due to emotion we tend to react but if you are very emotional and keep on reacting negatively to every situation in life

then this can make you unhappy and disappointed in life

We have to understand that life some times throw difficulties in your path in order to make you strong not to break you down

Relationmaintain a healthy relation with the each and everyone you get in touch with life this creates a sense of gratification and humbleness in your mind

This can also inspire people to be humble a polite with everything they get in touch with

TIP-8 Stop comparison

The most common mistake we all do is that we always try to compare our self with others,

this may create the feeling of jealous, competitions, hate, etc,

Remember that you are unique in your way you can’t be anyone else.

If you want to know who you are then stopping comparison & completing with others

So always accept who you are and keep the focus on yourself.

In improving yourself, developing skills, habits and this ultimately brings you happiness and self-satisfaction.

TIP-9 Let go of your past

At some point in your life, your past makes stuck in your mind and stops you from moving forward.

It is ok that you have a bad past, but don’t let this past affect your present and future,

instead try learning from your past experience, and focus on the present moment

Because past and future is an illusion,

they do not have any power it is you who give them power, you think of illusion as your reality and get suck in feeling sad and depressed

TIP-10 Organize your goals

if you don’t have any direction or any goal in your life then life can be confusing and you may be stress out and depressed due to the lack of direction in life

No matter how high and positive you feel about your self by if you don’t have a vision, a goal in your life you end up feeling depressed

to do list

most of the people are unhappy in life because we don’t have any direction and goals in life

this lack of direction can lead you to a wrong profession in which we did not satisfy

So to fix this try to identify your passion, listen to your inner voice set a goal for yourself

Have a plan to accomplish that goal this make you feel more excited and motivated and you don’t get confused in life

Because energy without direction is of no use

make a list of your goals you want to achieve in next 5 year or 1 year

list them as a short and long term goal and prepare a necessary strategy to knock them out

After completion of every goal try to reward your self with a treat, this keeps you motivated to achieve another goal

TIP-11 Morning routine

Once if you are fully motivated and charged now it is the time to create some morning routine

You need to start your day by doing something which boosts your energy, focus, and creativity


now you need to start building some habits that motivate you to keep you happy and peaceful

So the morning is the best time to train your brain and give it a proper direction to hit the goals of the day

in order to do that you must organize your time, goal, in a proper manner to complete your daily task

  • wake early up on time
  • refresh your self
  • spend 5-10 minute in the sunshine
  • check out a to-do list
  • workout for 30 minutes
  • meditate for 10-20 minutes
  • make sure to be mindful of all activities

TIP-12 Stay socially active

Being socially active can help you in many ways it help us yo open up with our family friends by having a good conversation

being socially active by spending time  with loved ones and enjoying happiness and joy

Because we live together, eat together and enjoy together this thing removes the negativity around us

When be become socially active we develop a habit of sharing, caring, and kindness this can some time helps like a stress buster by talking to over loved ones

TIP-13 Stop over thinking

Everyone has some bad experience or incident attached to past life and we also have lots of hope for our future

The past experience and the future does not allow us to live a happy life we make be either overthinking of the past or future which make us depressed

it is foolish to remain thinking about the things which we don’t have any control at all

So let’s break this habit of overthinking and let’s choose to be happy

You can plan a trip with your friends or if you can enjoy traveling alone than just go for it

take a break from your stressful life and explore the nature this makes you feel excited and happy

Sometimes the view and opinions of a person can even affect our life different people have different opinions and view about you they may discourage you.

Most of us become depressed and worried after getting negative comments or due to the odd behavior but this is what we should stop doing

If we want tot break the habit of overthinking you can’t control the other person way of thinking about you

So don’t over think about them because you cant change their way of thinking

remember your happiness should be in your hands not in control of other opinion and comments

What people say what they think should not hvae any impact on your life, accept who you and love yourself

TIP-14 Start living in the present

The reason why most of the people are unhappy, stressed, depressed because they are living their life in the past or future

think for a while that we are living our life in the illusion of past and future while does not exist in the present

The burden of the past and future will never make us happy instead it ruins the quality of our life

the best way to overcome this problem is not to respond to any background thought process running in the mind

let your mind be free don’t hold anything in mind holding things can make you sad and depressed let your self be free

Life is only in the present, past and future are just our illusions created by our own mind

peace is in the present, just enjoy the present moment don’t try to hold moments in life live your life to the fullest

here are a few steps which you can follow to live in the present moment

meditate regularly this will reduce the background thought process and improve concentration and focus power and help you to achieve the peace of mind

mindfully take part in the daily activities and focus on the activities you do

Be more conscious and aware of your daily activities like walking eating

spend time with nature observe the things this gives you the feeling of bliss

TIP-15 Choose what makes you happy

Always choose things which you love doing so at that end of the day it makes you happy

if you do things which you love then you are not stressed out and depressed you are fully engaged in the activities and after completion,

you will be having a feeling of satisfaction and peace

So to choose what makes you happy, and the best way to figure it out is to listen to our inner voice

because our inner voice is the voice of our passion

Remember your inner voice never lies with you

whenever you want the best advice in life the only person who can give you the best advice is yourself and no one else

So choose what you love and what you love will make you happy not immediately but definitely

TIP-16 Let go of perfection

Life is all about learning not about being perfect so perfection does not matter

We all know that the top billionaires in the world they are not focused on the perfection

they are focused on learning new things every day in life and implementing

Because life is all about learning and implementing

In life you don’t need to be perfect you just have to focus on learning because no one is perfect even the strongest layers can even lose the battel

If you achieve perfection in life anyhow then at some point of life this gone affect your ego

But if you believe in leaning a then you will always be humble and down to earth

TIP-17 Help someone

Life is a journey of happiness and to add more value and meaning to this journey, we can help people

who are in need of help as this will give the feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind

This habit of helping people will create a positive environment in the society and can inspire many people in society

help someone to be happy

Remember to do good to everything you get in touch within life help even if they can’t help you back

By helping others we are setting an example that there is still some good left in the world

Sometimes the small help provided by you can have a huge impact on the life of others and can motivate others to help someone

TIP-18 Resist to change

Most of the people are unhappy because we resist to change we don’t want to step out of the comfort zone

But happiness is waiting outside of the comfort zone and as we resist to take the risk and we are avoiding the happiness in our life

If you are not going to take he risk to step out of the comfort zone then know one gone do it for you

TIP-19 Be thankful

Being thankful generate a state of peace and happiness in your mind

happiness is a state of mind and it increases with the feeling of gratitude and thankfulness

try to find out the positivity in each and everything and don’t stop or limit your growth

be thank full

Because happiness comes with growth and with growth comes the confidence

stop complaining about your problems and start finding the solutions for it and always be thankful for what you are and what you have

you can also spend 5 minutes for thankfulness and gratitude to the god

How to be happy alone

how to be happy alone

Being happy alone is a skill which very few people have

So lets first differentiate between being alone and being lonely

Loneliness is when we want to spend time with a person or when you want to get involved in any activity

because we bored of being lonely and you want someone to talk but you cant

Being happy alone means when you fulfilled about your life and you don’t require and one to make you happy

when you enjoy the company of your self, this is the true happiness because your the only person that will be with you as long as your alive

So why not build a good relationship with the person YOU

the doors for success is inwards don’t waste your time searching outwards

For most of the people spending tie alone will be scary so they keep ourself busy or using social media to avoid being lonely

When we are alone the deepest feelings worries depression stress doubts come out this is the reason why most of the people resist spending time being alone

When we are alone the pain inside us want to come out but we are holding it inside

holding this pain inside can affect our growth strength creativity and productivity in life

If you want to spend some time alone and learn how to be happy alone then switch off yourself from everything

Now when you are alone we can observe some insights coming from inside

it can be positive or negative and just follow the thought pattern don’t react to thoughts

Now you have to do a simple thing starts questioning your thoughts one by one and you will be getting the true answers by your inner voice

Once if all your questions doubts are cleared now your mind is more peaceful and calm now it starts generating the positive insights

Benefits of being happy alone

It helps to find out our strength and weakness and if we think deeply then we can find the solution to the biggest problems of our life

Increase the self-confident and self-esteem and we will be more comfortable and achieve peace of mind the more we spend time with ourself

Spending time alone is hard and difficult by that is where our growth is the more you resist the more you feel the pain

Spend time alone will help you to identify who truly you are it also help to figure out what is your passion and what you want in life

if you cant be happy alone than how can you expect to be happy in a relationship

How to be happy books

how to be happy books

Books can help you lot in improving yourself and developing the habit of reading books will help you in many aspects of life

Reading books help us to gain more knowledge to open up our mind

teach us how successful people think and what principle they follow to be successful and happy

Remember the most successful leaders in the industry are the readers

they spend at least one hour of their time reading books and learning new things every day

So let us check out some of the books which will make you fill your life with happiness

The monk who sold his Ferrari

how to be happy books

The monk how sold his Ferrari book by robin sharma is packed with lots of valuable information and the principle are just amazing

if you follow the principle of this book can definitely see the changes in your life

the book is all about a lawyer who has a lot of money name fame but his unhealthy lifestyle will lead him to a heart attack

After facing that incident the lawyer decides to leave everything a went in the search of happiness and to find the true meaning of life

if you want to change your life and want to be successful then without any doubt read this book packed with valuable knowledge can change your life

Think and grow rich

think and grow rich

The next book on our list is think and grow rich by Napolean hill,

the principle in these books are very powerful and anyone who follows this principle can be successful in life

The author Napolean hill have done lots of research before writing this he took the interview of many successful people

extracted the most common thing about successful people and wrote in this book

This book shows how a common man by following some simple yet powerfull principle can become rich and successful in life

The power of subconscious mind

the power of subcounscious mind

the next book on our list is the power of subconscious by joseph murphy

this book describes how we can use our power of subconscious mind in order to be happy and successful in life

How can we achieve the success and happiness in our life by using the power of our subconscious mind and infinite intelligence

The alchemist

the alchemist

The next book on our list is the alchemist by Paulo coelho

this book describes a story of a boy how travel from his home land to the Egyptian

to search for treasures buried in the pyramid and at the end, he finds that the treasure for which he is searching is present with in him

The story of this book is very interesting it describes how the boy meet different people during his journey and what incident he faces during the journey

Over all a perfect story packed with wisdom

Attitude is every thing

how to be happy books

The next book on our list is Attitude is everything by jeff Keller

if you are unhappy and lost hope on your dream then this book can definitely help you

the author jeff Keller who is a motivational speaker and coach describes how we can be successful by following the simple yet powerfull steps

if you really want to be successful and if you want to find out your true potential then this book can help you to accomplish your task without any doubt

The success principle

how to be happy book

the next book on our list is the success principle by jack canfield

The success principle by jack canfield is one of the best book i have every read

this book can inspire any one to be successful in life the principals present in this book are just mind-blowing and can make you loaded with energy

this book describes what are the secrets that the author followed in order to be successful in life and how the author wrote 50 best selling books

Author jack canfeild cover all the secret behind his success and give the solution to all the problems

by giving some rules and principle in order to achieve success in life

the author guides us to have courage and hard work in order to be successful in life

If you want a book to motivate you and a path way to success then this book can definitely help you in accomplishing your goals in life

How to be happy again

if you face an any bad incident in your life or you are depressed about some thing and want to start a new fresh new beginning here are the few tips on how to be happy again

How to be happy again

  • Love what you have
  • let your self heal
  • set goals
  • push you limits
  • Do what make you happy
  • forget about past
  • cultivate good habits
  • improves yourself
  • believe in yourself
  • say no to a miserable life
  • develop a positive self-image
  • be humble and kind

How to be happy with yourself

there come some time in the life where you enter in a toxic relationship which had a bad experience in your life

you think being single provide you more freedom and independence in life

But being lonely can be a bit frustrating if you don’t know how to be happy with yourself, or sometimes it makes can you more sad and depressed in life

But what if I can say that being alone have more fun than being in the relationship so here are the few steps on how to be happy with yourself

The best thing you can do to be happy with your self is to start spending time with yourself

when you start spending time alone you will have more of a negative feeling

but as you continue this process you will be getting more comfortable with yourself slowly

there comes a time in the life where you don’t need any one in your life to make you happy you will be enjoying your own company

Give yourself a treat you can go for a movie or shopping reward yourself with some good food and clothing,

Being happy alone is not about only thinking

it all about to take care of yourself and to enjoy doing things which makes you feel good about yourself

You can learn some new thing which you love doing as this will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem and make you feel proud of yourself

Read some self-development books this can help you to improve yourself and also to improve your skills

make complete use of your alone time for being productive

Things that make you unhappy

Now we got a whole ideal of how to be happy and what are the activities we have to perform in order to be happy

Sometimes we are cheerful and at other times we are sad and depressed

Let us figure out the activities which make us unhappy in life

  • Not pursuing your passion
  • Resist to change
  • No clarity in life
  • Negative belives
  • giving excuses

How to be happy quotes

how to be happy quotes

how to be happy quotes

happiness quotes

how to be happy quotes

how to be happy quotes

how to be happy quotes

how to be happy quotes
happiness quotes
how to be happy quotes
how to be happy quotes
how to be happy quotes


Now I’ve come to the end of the article here..

So this were the Some tips to be happy

We hope this article helped you to improve yourself.

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