Top 9 Benefits of meditation students That Will Blow Your Mind.

Benefits of meditation students Meditation is an ancient practice to control the power of thought and to add more peace, happiness, and clarity in life,

Like exercise helps us to tone and strengthen our body, meditation is also an exercise which helps to train our brain

As we all know meditation has many benefits on the mental, physical, and emotional levels, but most us of skip the practice of meditation.

Because we find it boring sitting for 10-15 minutes and that too without any thought

But meditation is not about simply sitting, it is all about putting your complete focus on the one thing like breath, mantra-chanting, etc

If we spend 10-15minutes of our time on mindful meditation then the results we see are mind-blowing

So let’s explore the benefits of meditation students and how you can follow this practice of meditation to add peace, happiness, and clarity to our life

benefit of meditation students

what is meditation

Meditation means putting your complete attention on one thing this typically means concentrating on the breath observing the inhalation and exhalation

Benefits of meditation

Increase in concentration level
Live in the present moment
High energy
Reduce stress and anxiety
Increase in the observation power
Fewer thoughts
Reduce pain and help in Muscle recovery
improve sleep
sharpen memory


Meditation means putting your complete attention on one thing this typically means concentrating on the breath observing the inhalation and exhalation

If you are not able to focus on the breath try chanting a mantra-like LAM-VAM HAM-SA etc

The purpose of concentration on the breath and mantra chanting is to put our complete attention on one thing by disconnecting from the world and connect with yourself

As we develop the habit of focusing on the one thing, automatically we cut off our self from the past and, future and we start living in the present moment

This is just another benefit of meditation


There are a number of health benefits result from regular meditation, it helps to reduce the stress and anxiety due to the workload and make our life peaceful

Regular meditation helps to achieve a sense of calmness and peace of mind

So rather wandering about why we should meditate let find out some of the meditation techniques that exist and start meditation


  • Guided meditation
  • chakra meditation
  • breath meditation
  • mantra meditation

Guided meditation

This is also called as visualization or guided meditation in this process we visualize pictures or situations that you find relaxing it is commonly led by a guide

Mantra meditation

In this process, we chant mantra-like ham-sa, lam-vam, etc

Make sure you don’t have any information or images related to the mantra as this may cause distraction

Now slowly start the chanting and put your complete focus on the mantra this process of chanting helps to keep your focus one-pointed

this type of meditation is basically good for the beginners

Breath meditation

This is the most commonly practiced meditation in which we focus on our breath inhaling and exhaling

We try to put our complete focus on the breath inhaling and exhaling mindfully

When practicing this breath meditation make sure you breathe with your nose, not with your mouth

Chakra meditation

benefits of meditation for students

As we all know our body has seven energy chakra, each and every chakra has a specific purpose.

In the chakra meditation visualization of each energy, chakra is done which is present in the body, as it helps to bring balance and well being to the energy centers and spiritual powers

So this was some of the different types of meditation which are practiced commonly

You can experiment with different types of meditation and practice whichever technic you feel comfortable

Seven energy chakras

  • Muladhara
  • Svadhistana
  • Manipura.
  • Anahata-heart chakra
  • Vishuddha.
  • Ajna
  • Sahasrara.

Meditation for beginners

if you are a beginner and want to start meditation then breath or mantra-based meditation can be best for a beginners

Breath and mantra-based meditation help the beginner to build focus

So here is a quick guide, so let us start

Whichever type of meditation you may be following try to remember some basic steps before doing meditation

Sit comfortably with your legs crossed and your spine straight or if you are uncomfortable sitting on the ground you can go with a chair

but remember to keep your spine straight were ever you sit

Now relax your body and hands-on your laps and close your eyes

when you meditate your mind will wander and generate different thoughts but you make sure that you don’t get involved in the thoughts

Try to keep your focus on your breath, mantra or any visualization but don’t get involved in your thoughts

if you are beginner meditate for 5-10 minutes as you practice you can increase your time depending upon your ability to focus

Now as we know what is meditation ..?? types of meditation and how to meditate, let us explore some benefits of meditation for students

Benefits of meditation students

  • Increase in concentration level
  • Live in the present moment
  • High energy
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase in the observation power
  • Fewer thoughts
  • Reduce pain and help in Muscle recovery
  • improve sleep
  • sharpen memory

Increase in concentration level

To increase the concentration power and focusing ability remember that you perform one task at a single period of time

During the meditation practice, all we are doing is putting all our attention on a single sound, object, or visualization

this process of meditation training our brain to put complete focus on the whatever task you are performing

As we remove attention from all other thoughts and focus on a single task then definitely this increases the concentration level of the brain.

Living in the present moment

Living in the present moment is another benefit of regular meditation

Thinking about the past and future can affect the quality of your life

It may affect your mental health too the only solution to it is to live in the present moment

living in the present moment

But how can we live in the present ..??? the answer is simple to put our total attention on the present moment

90% of the problems will have been vanished if we start living in the present

By forcing our mind we can’t live in the present moment, just don’t respond to any other background thoughts in our mind

meditate regularly as this improves the concentration powers and your mind stops wandering and worrying

Try to slowly put your focus on the small task such as drinking water, walking, talking, driving, etc

slowly you will be getting awareness and develop the habit of living in present, regular meditation helps us to boost this process

Increase energy level

the studies found by the university of waterloo meditation or hatha yoga for 25 minutes can boost the brain functions

increase in happines level another benefit of meditation

the studies found that meditation can improve the brain function and can effectively increase the energy level of the brain


studies conducted at the wisconsin university proved that meditation directly affects the brain

benefits of meditation to reduce stress and confused

the grey matter responsible for stress and anxiety shrinks in size after consistence meditation

By concentrating in meditation you train your brain to remain calm even in stressful situations

Increase in the observation power

If you are practicing meditation then you will be able to see how your mind generate thought process with a single image which you see or a word which you listen

men observing

our brain has the data attached with images and words

when we listen to those words or see the image our brain start a kind of thought process which is related to the image or the word

when we practice regular meditation then we will be able to see how the thoughts are being generated in our mind

how the mind get involved in that thought process

if we are in the deep meditation process we will be clearly able to see how the traps created by your own thoughts will ruin our life

if you’re deep in the meditation process then you can easily handle your thoughts and feelings

Fewer thoughts

By practicing meditation regularly we train our brain in focusing on one thing at a time and

this gradually decrease the thought process running in the background and make us feel calm and peaceful

less thougths

As we go deeper in the meditation our mind will become calm and peaceful

Our thoughts are reduced and the mind stops wandering and getting confused and our mind will start generating positive thoughts automatically

Reduce pain and help in muscle recovery

If you’re an individual who lifts heavy in the gym and has muscle soreness

body building

then meditation can effectively help us in the muscle recovery process as this helps the body to properly transport oxygen to all parts of the body

Regular meditation practice can effectively help us in recovering from injuries and pain

Improve sleep

if you’re having trouble in falling asleep during the night or you have any sleeping disorder then meditation can help you to overcome this effectively

benefits of meditation for better sleep

Practicing regular meditation can improve the quality of sleep

Due to the meditation, our mind is in the calm and peaceful state and our body is relaxed this helps in easily falling sleep and helps to fight with the sleeping disorder

sharpen memory

meditation has been used as the tool to sharpen the brain unlike the sword,

Studies have found that meditation can improve the focus and boost our memory and effectively improve mental health

Improving attention and clarity meditation also help to fight the age-related memory loss

meditation for happiness

Meditation can help to completely rewire the brain and increase the level of happiness

Studies have shown that people who meditate regularly are happier and less reactive to the emotions compared to the people to don’t meditate


Meditation and exercise decreases the grey matter which is responsible for the stress anxiety and depression

Studies conducted on the Buddhist monk found that the prefrontal cortex the part of the brain was more active which is responsible for increasing the happiness

Spiritual benefits of meditation

spiritual benefits of meditation

As the Research found that a lifestyle including spiritual practice is usually considered as a healthy lifestyle

practicing spirituality can help a person in improving the quality of life

Meditation helps us in exploring our inner world and spiritual growth

with the help of advanced meditation practice, we can unlock the doors of enlightenment and self-realization

Spiritual benefits of meditation

  • Self-realization
  • Find the purpose of life
  • High consciousness
  • No fear of death
  • Experience oneness

Physical benefits of meditation

Studies have documented the following short term physical benefits to the nervous system

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Lower heart rate
  • Less perspiration
  • Slower respiratory rate
  • More feeling of well being
  • Deeper relaxation

Meditation benefits for brain

meditation benefits for brain

It also shows that meditation helps in the activation of multiple mechanisms of the brain like the anterior cingulate cortex and the ventromedial prefrontal cortex

which are responsible for the empathy impulse control decision making and emotion

Studies at MBRS training found that regular meditation help to increase the cortical thickness in the brain due to this reduction of worry anxiety and depression

In addition to this increase in the gray matter present in the hippocampus and parietal lobe and other neural changes

which are responsible for seeing hearing self-control and memory speech and increase the efficiency and concentration level

A study conducted for the eight week shows that a significant decrease in the amygdala after the meditation

Amygdala is the part of the brain which is responsible for the stress, anxiety, and fear

Benefits of meditation for students

benefits of meditation students If you are a student struggling to memorize lengthy answers and want to improve your concentration powers, then meditation can help to cope up with the things

Meditation can be a powerful tool for the student, as meditation improves the various part of the brain

As studies found that meditation can improve the reading, seeing, communication decision making and can develop self-confidence

Meditation can be great if you are struggling in any of this aspect

  • Higher self-confidence
  • sharpen memory
  • increase concentration power
  • more clarity
  • reduce stress
  • a calm and peaceful mind
  • improve decision making


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